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3M™ Hard Hats

The main function and purpose for wearing a protective hard hat is to help protect workers from head trauma due to small objects falling from above help prevent force from transmitting down the spine if an impact from above occurs, and help protect from low level electrical shock (Applies only to hard hats that meet ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type I, Class G and E.).

It is recommended to replace the entire suspension system at least every 12 months.

A hard hat shell should be inspected prior to each use. Immediately replace the hard hat if any sign of wear appears or if there is any evidence of damage, abuse or plastic degradation as this may be a sign that protection is reduced. Any hard hat that shows signs of worn or damaged parts should be removed from service immediately and replaced.

Workers in environments with higher levels of exposure to sunlight, heat, cold or chemicals should replace their hard hats more frequently than workers in other environments. If the hard hat shell becomes faded in color, exhibits a chalky appearance, or feels stiff and brittle, degradation of the shell may be occurring. A hard hat should be replaced immediately at the first sign of any of these conditions.

Hard hat suspensions should also be inspected closely for cracks, frayed straps or other signs of wear. Any suspension that is damaged must be removed from service and replaced immediately.