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Instruction of Use:

  • Modifying or decorating the garment beyond the personalization done by the Reflective Apparel Factory may void ANSI 107-2010
  • Keep Vests Zipped when wearing to maintain High Visibility
  • Do not wear garments over your High Visibility Apparel
  • Level of performance can not be guaranteed if the garment has been soiled, faded, or worn through on both background material or 3M™ Reflective Material
  • The garment is intended to improve the visibility of people working outdoors, but is not intended for protection from all hazards in working environments
  • Inspect the integrity of the garment every 5 wash cycles to ensure the continuing effectiveness
  • Do not store in direct sunlight

pb 6.30.15

Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Orange
Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Orange
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The VEA-449-SX-OB Reversible ANSI Waterproof Mid-Length Raincoat has a Hi-Vis Orange Class 3...