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Safety Vest

A Safety Vest is critical piece of safety equipment designed and regulated to enhance the visibility of workers. While we tend to focus on road and traffic safety, workers in diverse industries can benefit from increased visibility. Managers of plants and warehouses where heavy equipment is operated find outfitting their employees in high visibility vests can reduce incidents resulting in accidental injuries. This includes food processing, farm & feed, and order fulfillment.

We offer safety vests in multiple configurations so you can find the perfect style for your application.

Breakaway Vest

Breakaway vests can protect workers from being caught in in moving industrial equipment. You can chose from safety vests with hook & loop sides, shoulders, and front closure (5 Point Breakaway) or shoulders and sides (4 Point Breakaway). These vests will tear away if caught. Breakaway can also be beneficial around moving vehicles, minimizing the risk of being dragged.

We also offer breakaway vests with unique zippers that will unzip with the tension from the garment being snagged. The zippered breakaway vests offer a cleaner style for those who do not like the look of the adjustable hook & loop closure.

Public Safety Vest

Public Safety Vests are a class of safety vests outlines in the ANSI standard to accommodate the needs of First Responders. This includes accessing a duty belt and the safety of a breakaway option. Public Safety Vests are particularly designed for Police officers. Their duties place them at risk from errant vehicles and physical confrontations that predicate the use of a vest that can tear away. The vest also needs to be versatile and adjustable, to be worn over jackets & coats, but comfortable enough for sweltering days on the blacktop.

High Visibility Vest

Reflective Apparel manufactures high quality safety vests for your high visibility needs. We use quality fluorescent fabric that will stay colorfast through the life of the garment. Genuine 3M™ Reflective Material guarantees the reflective will provide the highest level of performance available. Quality and durability are important in work wear. If the reflective washes out or the color fades, the loss of protection can lead to serious injuries. Why take a chance?

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Safety Hoodie: Hi Vis 2-Tone Pullover: 7 oz. Lime & Navy
Safety Hoodie: Hi Vis 2-Tone Pullover: 7 oz. Lime & Navy
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