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Volume Pricing

Reflective Apparel Factory does offer discounts on all items based upon quantities. A tiered price list is available for use per order. For example, tee-shirts would have a price point for 49 – 288 pieces. A deeper tier would be offered for volumes from 289 – 1000 pieces. For more information on a volume based price quote please call or click "Contact Us about Volume Pricing" below.

Many of our customers prefer to set up a corporate account in order to receive standardized pricing on all orders, regardless of volume. For many of our customers, this ability to plan and forecast their needs drives a corporate account.

We would be happy to discuss the best use of either volume pricing or a corporate account with you.

Contact Us about Volume Pricing

pb 6.30.15

Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Orange
Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Orange
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The VEA-449-SX-OB Reversible ANSI Waterproof Mid-Length Raincoat has a Hi-Vis Orange Class 3...

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