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ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard requires that the background material and retroreflective or combined performance material used in the construction of a finished garment be certified by an accredited, independent third-party laboratory to ensure that the materials meet the specified performance criteria imposed by the standard. The standard includes test reports that are to be used when evaluating the various materials.

The finished item may be evaluated by an accredited, independent third-party or by the manufacturer of the item who attests that the garment is made up of compliant materials, meets the design criteria stated in the standard, and includes the requisite markings and labels. A garment compliance certificate, to be completed and signed by the manufacturer, is included in the standard as well.

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Safety Polo: Hi Vis Polo Shirt: Lime Birdseye: ANSI 3
Safety Polo: Hi Vis Polo Shirt: Lime Birdseye: ANSI 3
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This High Visibility Polo Shirt is ANSI Class 3 Compliant. Made with lightweight 4.1 oz Birdseye...