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Comfortable, Durable, & Affordable ANSI Apparel

The Reflective Apparel Factory takes pride in supplying quality high visibility garments since 1989. Originally founded to support the public safety market's need for nighttime reflectivity, RAF was at the forefront of the ANSI standard for High Visibility. Having pioneered many of the garment solutions found today.

We manufacture garments domestically and around the world to insure competitive prices for a superior quality. We strive to maintain large inventories of our entire line of VEA®branded ANSI gear to deliver on our commitments. Our offices, warehouse and production facilities are located in Marietta, Georgia.

We look forward to servicing your high visibility needs.

FAQs and Terminology

  • Should I personalize or logo my apparel?
    Many companies favor the professional appearance and the brand identity of adding logos. Adding titles, training levels, safety award designations etc can improve morale. A decrease in theft/shrinkage has been associated with personalizing the apparel. A note of caution - the logo size must take into account the area of background material necessary for safety and compliance. Too large a logo on smaller items (i.e. a vest) may make the logo non-compliant to standards.
  • Who decides what ANSI class I need to buy?
    Recommendations surrounding the speed of traffic, the complexity of the work environments and the worker's ability to focus should all be taken into account. Each company must have a "competent person" (often the Safety Director or Manager) make this determination. A risk assessment should be performed to answer this question - or the company may select to default to Class III for all of their high visibility needs as a precaution.
  • Can I buy cotton ANSI and still be compliant?
    No. The standards for ANSI 107-2010 require a compliant background material of florescent lime or orange. The requirements to dye to the florescent color are rigorous. The natural fibers of cotton will not hold the dye initially, and quickly wash right out. Mills do manufacture a 50/50 (cotton to polyester ratio) that is often named "safety green" or "safety orange". These garments will not meet the ANSI requirements, even with the addition of the appropriate retroreflective materials.


New RAF-604-GT-LN Sweatshirt

Check out our new High Visibility 2-Tone Hooded Sweatshirt.
This adjustable drawstring hoodie is made of knitted microfiber fleece and is ANSI III Compliant.