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How does our Systems Gear work?

Our High Visibility Systems Gear is designed to have interchangeable parkas, jackets, and sweatshirts.

How to Connect the VEA System Jackets

Systems Flier

Systems Gear Parkas

Outer Parka Choices

The parka will act as the outer jacket, creating a waterproof and breathable shell. The Parka has special zippers and snaps to connect to your choice of an inner coat. See the diagram below.

The inner coat can be chosen depending on the need of the wearer. You can chose a warm fleece sweatshirt or a 3-season jacket:

Systems Gear Liners

Inner Coat Choices

The combined 2 jackets will be waterproof and breathable. Anytime your need changes, just unzip and unsnap the inner coat and each jacket can be worn separately or the whole system can be reconfigured.

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Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Lime
Safety Raincoat: Reversible Mid-Length Hi Vis Jacket: Lime
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The VEA-449 Reversible ANSI Waterproof Mid-Length Raincoat has a Hi-Vis Lime Class 3 side and a...